About Amazing Life Minsitries

“….He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.” (Philippians 1:6)

The Amazing Life Church earlier known as The Pentecostal church of God, Bahu Bazar, Ranchi had its humble beginning in the year 1966. Pastor P.T. Samuel hailed from a good Christian family of central Travancore, Kerala and was in the service of the Bhilai Steel Plant. But he had a definite call for the Lord’s work and a burning desire to obey it. His close association with Pr. P.S. Samuel and prolonged prayers helped him get the much needed guidance to select his field of work. Thus he chose Ranchi as his base.

After Pr. P.T. Samuel’s demise, Br. Silvanose looked after the church. When he left to start a ministry of his own, Pr. Roy took over. When he too left (to join Believer’s Church), Pr. Barnabas took charge. and later Pr. Anil T. Baby took charge from him on june,2003, leaving his ministry in Rajasthan.

It’s in 2008 Pr. Finni Samuel was asked to be the pastor as Pastor Anil felt that God is calling him to Delhi.

Now the church has grown up to 400 people from 80, attending the church every Sunday. Our prayer is that Amazing Life church should grow more; we believe that everything that has life will grow so Amazing Life will grow.